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The Wraptor is a patent pending precision installation device for the purpose of application of adhesive backed vinyl (RTA and digital) media.  The device will facilitate deployment and suspension of any graphic film to any surface.  The Wraptor design features are flexible based on configuration specifications to allow for deployment of any image on vehicles, trailers, airplanes, walls, floors, ceilings, etc…  Simply put, The Wraptor will put any image, anywhere, accurately, perfect the first time.  The unique gimbal joint that joins the vertical expanding stanchion to the horizontal expanding stanchion allows for deployment to 360 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally.  The Wraptor expands to 240” wide and vertically to 16 feet.

Key features of The Wraptor are:

  • Zero deflection on a horizontal and vertical plane
  • Castor equipped base allows for mobility deployment anywhere with a single operator
  • Design structure facilitates infinite configuration and expansion
  • Reduced manpower required by approximately 40%
  • Horizontal 360 degree seamless wraps (depending on vehicle, printer and film) made easy.
  • Lower skill required of the installer
  • Zero defects (operator dependant)
  • One time expense or financing available
  • Improved margins and flexible price points on finished product due to efficiencies
  • Best of all The Wraptor only occupies approximately 6-10 square feet and it always shows-up for work!

Awarded 2009 Product of the Year

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